Turkiye Emergency Aid, Now Is The Time To Unite!

Urgent humanitarian aid is needed in the earthquake-hit areas spanning ten major cities in Turkiye. To put the vastness of the territory in question into perspective, it would help to note that the area affected is larger than several European countries. Considered by many to be among the deadliest catastrophes in history, the earthquake is estimated to have caused an unprecedented number of deaths and an unheard-of scale of destruction. Hamstrung by the severity of winter conditions present in the region, rescue efforts so far have not been effective enough, while tens of thousands are still believed to be waiting to be rescued under the rubbles. 

Having been in the service of those in need over the course of the past fifty years, Ihlas Charity Organization, a non-profit organization based in Turkiye, has been actively involved in the rescue efforts in the affected region since day one.


Working in coordination with the Turkish Government, Ihlas Charity Organization accepts donations to be used to help out those rendered helpless in the grip of this calamity of massive scale.

You can help earthquake survivors by reaching Ihlas Charity Organization via the bank account details shown below.
Ihlas Charity Organization is proud to be at your service to deliver your urgently-needed help to those living in the regions affected. 

For those willing to offer their support from outside Turkiye, the account details are as follows:


Account Name: İhlas Vakfı

IBAN USD : TR96 0020 9000 0104 0519 0000 03

IBAN EUR : TR26 0020 9000 0104 0519 0000 02